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Ethyl Alcohol, also known as Ethanol, is a chemical compound that is clear and colorless in its pure form and has a distinctive odor. Ethyl alcohol is used in all alcoholic beverages. It is produced by fermenting sugar found in plants and fruits. Methyl alcohol is produced by distilling wood. However, methyl alcohol is a lethal poison. Since it is easily obtained and cheap, it is used in the production of fake alcohol.

During natural alcohol distillation, other volatile compounds that add the value to alcohol other than ethyl alcohol are obtained. These compounds are volatile acids, aldehydes, higher alcohols, esters and amyl alcohols. These compounds are an indicator of both the quality and the naturalness of the alcohol.

Although methyl alcohol is a fake alcohol indicator in alcohol analysis, it can be said that the fact that volatile compounds are below certain values is a proof that it is a fake alcohol.

Ethyl-Methyl Alcohol analyses are performed in our laboratory. With this method, it can be determined whether the drinks are fake or not according to the results of ethyl alcohol and methyl alcohol.