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The purpose of biosafety safety cabinets is to reduce the danger to the user when working with dangerous or potentially dangerous microorganisms. These cabinets do not necessarily protect the user from all hazards. In some types of safety cabinets, the purpose may be to protect the materials used from environmental contamination. Measurement and verification tests are required to ensure minimum performance criteria for safety cabinets working with microorganisms, to protect the environment and the worker, to protect the product and to prevent cross-contamination.

Operation and Performance Verification Tests specified for Biosafety Cabinets are carried out in accordance with TS EN 12469:2004, ANSI/NSF 49:2014 standards.


  • Measurement of Downward Air Flow Velocity and Uniformity
  • Measurement of Volumetric Air Flow Rate
  • HEPA Filter System Leakage Detection (Dispersed oil particulate (DOP) Test)
  • Visualization of Air Flow Direction