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Confidentiality Policy

We hereby declare that we, as OXIGEN ANALYSIS LABORATORY, are responsible for the management of all information obtained or created during the period in which we carry out inspection and laboratory activities in accordance with legal obligations in the Privacy Policy.

OXIGEN ANALYSIS LABORATORY informs their customers in advance by e-mail or petition of request about the information it wishes to make publically available.

OXIGEN ANALYSIS LABORATORY considers all other information as private information, except in cases where the information is made public by the customer or there is an agreement between the laboratory and the customer, and accepts this information as confidential information.

In cases where OXIGEN ANALYSIS LABORATORY is legally obligated or contractually authorised to release confidential information, unless prohibited by law, the customer or the person concerned is notified by e-mail or petition about the information to be disclosed.

Information about the customer obtained from sources other than OXIGEN ANALYSIS LABORATORY customers remains confidential between the customer and the laboratory. The provider of this information is kept confidential by OXIGEN ANALYSIS LABOURATORY.

All our employees have signed an Employment Agreement and a Declaration of Confidentiality, Integrity and Impartiality (except where legally required) that all information obtained during the performance of inspection and laboratory activities will be kept confidential.