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It is called fraud to make a substance look like it has features that are not in its structure in terms of shape, composition and quality, and to make it look like another substance, and it is called adulteration to remove all or part of the nutritional values of the elements that give the basic properties of a foodstuff in violation of the legislation, to change the amount, to replace it with another substance that does not have the same value.

When it comes to food products, fraud and adulteration not only deceive the consumer but also bring health problems.

The most important product groups in this problem are oils and alcoholic beverages. It may bother us to think that the butter we eat is not the butter, but actually other oils, or that olive oil is actually another vegetable oil. It is like the issue of knowing that the alcohol consumed is not actually distilled from real fruits, but only ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin is flavored and put on the market.

As Oxigen laboratories, we provide analysis services related to fraud and adulteration.