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The structure of Oxigen Analysis Laboratory has been established in a way to give confidence to all companies that apply for inspection activity services, analysis, test and laboratory services in an equal and impartial manner within the framework of the principles of TS EN ISO / IEC 17020, TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 and OIC / SMIIC 35 Standards and other relevant guidelines, and the importance of impartiality within the organisation has been conveyed.

Oxigen Analysis Laboratory has identified the risks related to impartiality and analyses, identifies and documents the risks arising from the services it provides through risk analysis. All these risk analyses define measures against risks that may arise during inspection activities and laboratory activities or jeopardise impartiality.

Oxigen Analysis Laboratory structure has been designed to provide assurance of impartiality in the process of inspection activities and laboratory activities.

Managers declared by signing the ‘Senior Management Confidentiality, Honesty and Impartiality Declaration’ that an impartial structure has been established in inspection and laboratory activities, free from any commercial, financial, administrative and other pressures that may affect decisions and activities.

It is guaranteed by the ‘Personnel Confidentiality, Honesty and Impartiality Declaration’ that all personnel who will take part in the inspection and laboratory activities will work free from commercial, financial or other pressures.

It is guaranteed by labour contracts that the personnel cannot work full-time or part-time for any other employer and cannot be a partner.

The wages of all employees of OXIGEN ANALYSIS LABORATORY do not depend on the number of inspections, sales, number of analyses and test results.

OXIGEN ANALYSIS LABORATORY ensures with the contracts it has made with its employees that it will not engage in any activity that will reduce the confidence in the competence, impartiality, decision-making or honesty related to the inspection and laboratory activity services.