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Laminar Flow (LAF) Cabinets operate only for the purpose of providing protection for the product being tested. The LAF Cabinet is not used for biohazardous or chemically hazardous products as it emits process air to the personnel (operator) and the environment while performing this process.

When there are infectious particles (particles) floating in any hazardous air, it does not protect the personnel (operator) from these particles (particles). Instead, it causes these hazardous particles to contaminate the personnel (operator) or the environment.

Operation and Performance Verification Tests listed for Laminar Flow (LAF) Cabinets are carried out in accordance with EN ISO 14644-3:2005, EU Guidelines to GMP:2015 measurements and instructions.


  • HEPA Filter System Leakage Test (Dispersed oil particulate (DOP) Test)
  • Checking for Air Leakage Outside The Device
  • Measurement of Downflow Air Velocity and Velocity Dispersion
  • Calculating Air Exchange Rates
  • Airflow Direction Test and Visualization and Determination of Airflow Adequacy
  • Particle Measurement / Counting