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Meat products are among the nutritionally important product groups that contain important nutrients such as protein, minerals and vitamins. Meats are a source of high quality protein. They should be consumed especially during infancy and childhood periods when protein requirements increase, rapid growth occurs and for healthy nutrition. Offal or solidungulate animal meat can be used for adulteration in meat products.


Gelatin is formed by irreversibly hydrolyzing collagen. Gelatin is a semi-transparent, colorless, easily broken, tasteless solid substance produced by boiling the skin, bone and connective tissues of animals such as pigs and to a lesser extent cattle and fish. It is often used in the food industry to increase the durability of food. These products usually contain gelatin or substances similar to gelatin. In the food industry, it is important for consumers to determine the origin of gelatin used in many food groups, that is, whether it is of bovine or porcine origin.

Analysis for Soybean Presence

In the meat sector, soy is preferred because it reduces the cost of the product, has high nutritional value, water retention capacity and improves the visual and organoleptic properties of meat products with its use.

The use of soy in the product when it is not indicated on the label poses a serious problem for food safety as well as food quality. Soy is also a food allergen.

Our technical experts perform the analyses with Real Time PCR method.