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With the increasing demand for Vegetarian and Vegan Testing quotes, it has become imperative to be able to verify these claims. Verifying products with vegan and vegetarian testing is made possible by laboratory testing of the chemicals used in the production of ingredients to determine whether any animal products or by-products are used.

Vegan and vegetarian testing helps brands and retailers to correctly specify ingredients using a step-by-step approach that encompasses the production of ingredients, chemical management, risk assessment and various conformity tests to achieve vegan and vegetarian certification of ingredients.

To capture a share of the vegan and vegetarian market, some manufacturers declare and market their products as vegan or vegetarian. However, the manufacturer’s declaration alone is not reliable. Whether the product meets vegan criteria must be proven by various tests performed by an impartial, independent and accredited organization.

Manufacturers, especially those operating in the field of food, must meet the increasing demand for vegan food options, which is increasing day by day, in order to create a reliable brand perception that considers consumers suitable for every diet.

As Oxigen Analysis Laboratory, we provide you Vegan Food Analysis service.