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Food contaminants and pesticide residues, chemicals and veterinary drugs in food ingredients are a growing health concern for consumers worldwide. As Oxigen Laboratories, we provide analytical testing services that will ensure the quality of your products by comparing your products with our high-tech devices.

Veterinary drugs are given to animals as drugs or mixed into their feed. Every drug used for treatment of food-producing animals and drug added into feed must be regularly authorized and registered.

Unfortunately, in some cases there is abuse in the use of veterinary drugs or, worse, prohibited medicines may be used illegally to alter the normal physiology of animals.

To prevent the risk from inappropriate or fraudulent use of veterinary drugs, a control system needs to be implemented in the production “chain” that identifies “critical points” in the use of veterinary drugs from the farm to the consumer’s table. Given the globalization processes that allow goods to circulate increasingly freely in countries with different and often contradictory regulations, the rate of drug residues plays an important role.

With our expert staff, we perform reliable tests for more than 100 veterinary drugs (hormones, beta-agonists, NSAIDs, antibiotics, antioxidants, etc.) in various food matrices.